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AIRBUTLER Philip Promotion-Sale
AIRBUTLER PHILIP is able to kill the dangerous EHEC virus as proven in recent research projects. Take your fruits & vegetables out of the groceries bag, place it next to the Philip & plug in.

Application area of AIRBUTLER Philip is: refrigerator up to 450l, but also bins and dishwashers. The device produces active oxygen with an interval  timer: Philip turns on 2.5 minutes in Low-Modus every 2 hours, and 4 minutes in High-Modus. The active oxygen removes odours, bacteria and germs. A red blinking light informs when batteries have to be changed.

Delivery without batteries.

AIRBUTLER Philip removes intense smells of refrigerators and keeps fresh longer fruit and vegetable  by producing active oxygen. Philip destroys bacteria and fungus spores in the refrigerator.

Application:   for use in refrigerators, in dish washers and dust bins
Effect: removes bad and strong smells, bacteria and fungus spores
Operation: works with batteries
Service: none
Noise while operating: noisless
Working part: without
Warrenty: 2 years

Users manual

Voltage:   4 x C# Batteries
Power consumption: 1 W
Active oxygen: ≤ 0,08 ppm
Dimension: 130x65x80 mm
Weight: 190 g
Refrigerators up to: 450 l

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Application area of AIRBUTLER Jason is: footwear and gloves. The device produces 1000 negative ions / cm³, which remove odours, germs and bacteria. Your shoes are always dry thanks to an air circulation. Jason works with 2 modes: Low and High. A red light informs you, when batteries have to be changed.

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Delivery without batteries.


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Delivery without batteries. 

instead 40,00 EUR
only 30,00 EUR

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