AIRACTIV for rooms XJ 2000

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Product no.: AIRACTIV XJ2000
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Airactiv 2000
  •         prevents dust, soot, cigarette smoke and allergens
  •        air activation
  •       air purification
  •       neutralization of odors
  •        negative ions and active oxygen destroy viruses, bacteria und fungi
  •        usable anywhere and any time, the improvement of the air quality is instantly recognisable
  •        works without ventilation
  •      no additional charge in the metal filter
  •        easy cleaning of the filter


This product is suitable for rooms up to 30m². It can be used in rooms, lounges, offices, kitchens, basements, workshops, etc. If the ionizer is used in small rooms, lower the power level of the product to half.   


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Application area of AIRBUTLER Jason is: footwear and gloves. The device produces 1000 negative ions / cm³, which remove odours, germs and bacteria. Your shoes are always dry thanks to an air circulation. Jason works with 2 modes: Low and High. A red light informs you, when batteries have to be changed.

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OUR TIP: Ideal also for your dog - eliminates odors out from the HAIR !!!
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Bamboo is available in green and white and is illuminated during the operaton!
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AIRBUTLER Andrew is to have on around your neck. The appliance eliminates dust, bacteria directly in front of your nose and mouth. The air you breathe is clean, fresh and full of negative ions. You can humidify the air by dropping some water into the cavities suited for this purpose. A blinking red light informs, when batteries have to be replaced.
Delivery without batteries. 

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