AIRBUTLER for the cupboard Martin

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Application area of AIRBUTLER Martin is: small rooms between 10 and 15m². The device has been created for the use in wardrobes but it operates also in vestibules, storerooms, etc...

The device produces 360.000 negative ions / cm³, which removes intensive odours from your clothes and garment. This ioniser works with 2 modes: Low and High

Delivery without batteries.


AIRBUTLER Martin is the ioniser for wardrobes, bathrooms etc. Removes  odours completely from clothes and all kinds of garment. Can be run by battery or mains supply.


Application:    for use in small rooms up to 10 - 15 m², such as wardrobe, bathroom, storeroom, toilets,...
Effect: removes bad and strong smells
Bond of particles: 90%
Operation: works with batteries or can be plugged in into the socket
Service: clean every month the dust collectors
Noise while operating: noiseless
Spare parts: none
Warranty: 2 years

Users manual

Voltage:    230 V / 6 x D# Batteries
Power consumption: 2 W
Negative ions: ≥ 360.000
Active oxygen: ≤ 0,06 ppm
Dimension: 200x150x65 mm
Weight: 212 g
Applicable area: 10 - 15 m²

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