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Product no.: ACTIVAIR100
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The ACTIVAIR 100 air purifier works with newest technology. It has been developed specially for restaurants, catering establishments and all kinds of public spaces such like fitness centers, that are contaminated by cigarette smoke, odours, bacteria, viruses or other pollutants.

The air sucked into the system is completely cleaned and released to the room again in fresh air quality.

There is no heat loss.

ACTIVAIR 100 is produced in Germany!

Usermanual ACTIVAIR

Anwendung:    max. 418m³/h airflow, perfect for hotels, pubs, offices, waitingrooms, conferencerooms, fitnesscenters,...
Wirkung: eliminate bad smell, dust, fine particles, bacterias, viruses, pollens,...
Gerätegröße: 600x600x230mm
Luftreinigung/h: max. 418m³/h airflow, step1: 108m³/h; step 2: 177m³/h, step 3: 245m³/h, Stufe 4: 418m³/h
Betrieb: easy mountaining at the ceiling
Wartung: clean dust collectors each 2 weeks
Betriebsgeräusch: step1: 18 dBA; step 2: 30 dBA, step 3: 45 dBA, step 4: 65 dBA
Gewicht: 22kg
Garantie: 2 years

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