AIRBUTLER FRANK - allergen-free air at home and at the office!

  • By the combination of three of the world’s most recognized technologies

    of purification, AIRBUTLER Frank is able to guarantee a maximum of pu­rification: dust purification, removal of bacteria and elimination of nasty odours. All that can be achieved by a very powerful generator of ions. It produces negatively charged ions which are able to destroy virus and mites. The power consumption for the mechanics of filtration, purification and for the fan is only 8 W. The produced active oxygen is in the position to purify air, to eliminate smoke and neutralize bad smells.

    AIRBUTLER Frank eliminates dust, odours and bacteria and promotes a ge­neral feeling of wellness. You constantly breathe fresh and pleasant air.

    Now as a bonus AIRBUTLER MARTIN, WATSON or JASON for  free!

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