Ionizers are now an integral part in households in America, Japan, Canada.

Today we are in the fortunate position of being able to have a generation of ionizing that helps us in all areas of life, to improve our quality of life.

Air is the most important foundation of our life. What can each of us contribute to this to get our air in the desired purity? Is the air that we breathe enriched reinforced with small ions detectable decrease breathing and heart rate. This calming of the organism and the increase in performance related be achieved by the increased oxygen content in the blood.

These results were confirmed by Prof. Kornblueh at the University in Philadelphia.

So we can say, small ions promote well-being and increase the ability to concentrate - and that's what you feel.

Another characteristic of small ions is that you are able to clean the air of impurities. This happens as follows: The small ions change the charge of suspended solids such that these suspended solids clump together, thereby quickly sink to the bottom.

A special effect that results from the fact, is the elimination of odors - and exactly - you have to experience.
AIRBUTLER - more than just air!

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